All about Galas

As a competitive club, we encourage all swimmers over the age of 9 to take part in galas, once we feel they are ready. It's a brilliant way for them to see their progress in both stroke technique and stamina, and the atmosphere is fantastic.  


Galas are where Stokesley Amateur Swimming Club really comes together - where our swimmers feel the camaraderie that comes with being part of an ambitious, encouraging and supportive team.

Competing as part of the Club, we usually select our team from our Silver and Gold squads, choosing the best swimmers across each age category.  With 5 League galas each year, it's the one we always have our sights on.

We encourage as many swimmers as possible to enter these.  Competing as an individual, these galas are great for experience and provide the perfect opportunity, outside of our own Club time trials, to gain recorded times and smash your personal bests.

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Requiring qualifying times and a higher level of competition, these are the ones to aim for.  We are very proud to have county, regional and national swimmers in our current Stokesley Amateur Swimming Club squad. You could be next!